Miami Real Estate For Brazilian and Swedish Buyers and 444 Brickell Avenue

Miami Beach, Florida – South Florida, especially Miami had been seeing plenty of Foreign Investors. Brazil was sending an ample abundance of Real Estate investors. These Brazilian Investors are not just the MMA Fighter but also some serious real estate specialists. However it appears even the South American economy has slowed with the global issues. Brazil’s economy has slowed down quite a bit in recent months. Recent surveys show that Government studies have Brazil’s economy only growing about 2 percent in the first quarter of 2012. Brazil only had a small 1.4 percent in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Miami Beach Condos Wait For South American Investors

Investment specialists at Well Fargo noted most of the problem was because of a plunge in the South American giant’s farming and cattle industries. The weakening global economy has slowed some Countries from sending real estate investors for Miami Beach Condos. However manufacturing continues to grow, but the gains are slowing a tad. Manufacturing was Brazil’s top performer as government spending, had increased 1.5 percent. That means the public sector is preventing an even worse slowdown. Consumer spending grew by 1 percent in the first quarter which sounds better than the consumer spending in America.

Slow Economy in Brazil allows Norway and Sweden Investors to Buy Miami Condos

When buyers slow down with purchases, other Investors take advantage and obtain Miami Real Estate. Real Estate Investors from Norway as well as Sweden find cheap deals is Miami Condos. The South Florida real estate is still having a nice year in Miami. One deal in particular was with Lars Heldre, the founder of Superior Florida Realty. They recently closed a 31-unit sale to a Norwegian Real Estate investor. This property was sitting and collecting dust in Delray Beach. The 31 two-bedroom condos sit in Delray Beach’s eclectic Pineapple Grove Village. These Condo Units sold for an median price of $269,371.

South Florida. Real Estate Investors from Scandinavian Countries

The real estate Investor, Lars Heldre, is a native of Norway. The career for Heldre began with in real estate in 2005. He built is real estate business by working with large amount of Norwegians. These Norwegians Investors were purchasing Florida properties from Lars. Over the past few years, Heldre has acquired online advertising in Norway and Sweden to entice investors to acquire Condos and houses in South Florida. The suburbs of Detroit saw an influx of Swedish Real Estate Investors. However that was because of so many Swedish Hockey Players joining the Detroit Red Wings. The South Florida properties are being bought up by everyday Swedish Condo buyers.

Miami’s 444 Brickell Property Brings in New Tenants

The Miami Property at 444 Brickell Avenue is an office tower and has been adding to its list of tenants. Miami’s 444 Brickell office tower has secured eight new tenants for a total of 16,500 square feet. The Miami Property gets closer completion of an substantial renovation., These latest tenants are Immerge, Avinode, Workbeast, Cinium Holdings, Trusted Translations, Developmed, Martha Rey USA and also Aragua Services. The renovations to the 200,000-square-foot office building at 444 Brickell Avenue include the addition of a new cutting edge lobby, a comfortable outdoor plaza, and a Capital Grille restaurant with delicious food.

Exclusive Brickell Avenue Address Draws High End Tenants to Lease Property

This 444 Brickell Avenue will be an exciting property and a great place for Miami Condos Owners to get office space. It has a blend of competitive rental rates, ideal Miami location and extensive renovations to make a prime South Florida property. These factors help to create a very attractive Miami property for local businesses.

444 Brickell Avenue Property in Miami, FL 33131

Office units are ready for immediate occupancy at competitive rental rates. Available spaces come in a wide range of square footage to fit the needs of most Miami Companies. Outstanding onsite amenities will include The Capital Grille Restaurant, a convenient ATM, management office and a mailing center. If you feel the need to expand on your palette, the 444 Brickell Avenue is within walking distance to various ethnic restaurants as well as fine hotels.