Burn Notice May Lose Dade County Lease and Proposed Real Estate Tax Cuts in Miami

Miami Beach, Florida – Miami Condos For sale staff members love the TV show “Burn Notice”. It has a primary setting using Miami and Dade County Properties for many episodes. However we see that Miami may give the TV series “Burn Notice” an abrupt and untimely eviction notice. There is a team of film industry representatives who have the goal to keep Burn Notice in Miami where it belongs. This selection of film industry types planned to make an appeal at the Miami City Commission meeting.

Miami Should Keep Burn Notice In The Fold

We hope the Burn Notice producers can remedy their dispute with our city over the former Coconut Grove Exposition Center. Otherwise they could end up moving north after filming ends in October. The Fox Television Studios appear to look at different properties in Miami. They seem to be pulled into Broward County. We mean no disrespect to Broward county but Burn Notice belongs in Miami. We feel as strongly as if the city wanted to give the boot to Miami Vice in the 1980’s.

Miami Net Leased Properties to Fit Burn Notice’s Criteria

The Glades Television Show could be the neighbors of Burn Notice in Broward County? Hopefully the deals can be resolved with Miami net lease properties. Some Real Estate specialists have proposed that the Burn Notice Production team move to the Miami Entertainment Complex. That is currently a building owned by the city of Miami. That Miami Real Estate is situated at Northwest 13th Street and could be used as a film studio. However word has it that Mr. Terry Miller who is the executive producer of Burn Notice mentioned that property will not fit their criteria.

Burn Notice Filming in Coconut Grove

Broward County is trying to lure Burn Notice with their increase in the number of warehouse space to lease. “Burn Notice” has filmed in the 107,000 square-foot property in Coconut Grove space for six years. They have been making payments of $240,000 per year. With that being said now Miami and Coconut Grove have a desire to raze the building for some type of Waterfront Park. It would cost the Burn Notice team approximately $1 million to move not to mention the revenue that Miami would lose. Burn Notice is seen on over 50 Countries and that represents a ton of publicity for Miami. For anyone to compare that type of marketing for Miami with paid advertising, it would be in the neighborhood of $169,000,000 each year.

Miami Dade Mayor Gimenez Suggest A Tax Cut On Properties

Now for some better news for Miami Dade County. Mayor Carlos Gimenez has proposed that there be a 2 percent property tax cut in Miami. We saw that Miami Mayor Carlos Gimenez introduced the next fiscal year’s budget recently and did so without acting like a tax and spend Politician. In fact the Miami Mayor offered a suggestion to cut property taxes by 2 percent. We see that Miami Mayor Gimenez previously reduced the tax rate last fall by virtually 12 percent. this is how you bring in great buyers like Wayne Boich Jr, Donald Trump, Pat Riley and wealthy Italian Investors.

Miami Economy Despite National Regulations Hampering Small Businesses

The legendary city of Miami deserves some breaks. The European Investors and other from Canada, South America and as far away as Sweden have taken advantage of the affordable Condo prices in Miami. Therefore our Miami Mayor said the county was saved from the deep cuts other governments are seeing primarily as a result of our improving Miami economy. The county budget totals $5.9 billion which happens to be down from last year’s $6.2 billion. That budget saw $1.6 billion was reserved for construction spending in Miami. This is a fantastic newswire for Miami as tourists and foreign investors thrive in the city. Whether it is upscale Coral Gables or the exciting Brickell area, Luxury Condos for sale are a hot commodity.