Branded Luxury Real Estate from Versace or Virgin or Bulgari


Miami Beach, Florida – The Miami Condos News wire for the night is on “Branded” real estate projects. When many Miami Real estate Investors think of branding they believe that they are entitled to higher benchmarks for criteria such as design and amenities. The “Branded” real estate projects, especially condominiums, are becoming a high search item for the ultra wealthy.

Luxury Branded Condominium Developments

We have read recent reports from Miami Social Media that the demand for branded condo developments is growing. There have been talks of Labels such as Virgin, Versace and Bulgari which are prepared to put their name on real estate developments. Versace had such a history in Miami that we wish Gianni Versace was alive today to see South beach and other luxury areas in Miami.

Branded Projects for Residences and Hotel Property

“Originally, branded residences were simply residential developments linked to an adjacent hotel. However, the provision of hotel services is now only part of the concept,” as stated by Liam Bailey, who is the head of Residential Research at Knight Frank, He happens to also be the author of the Knight Frank report.

Real Estate Investors Cautious After seeing the Largest Tax Increase in History

real estate Investors appear to have a trust factor when dealing with branded real estate projects. Many Investors are still being cautious in the United States especially with the largest tax increase in history hitting the Country. This could be the reason why various Real estate Investors have hit other markets such as South America and Eastern Europe,

There is a luxury real estate developer known as Yoo who has already designed more than 10,000 homes, hotels and commercial projects in 37 cities. Yoo has also branded them with labels such as well known designers like Marcel Wanders, Jade Jagger, daughter of Rolling Stones’ singer Mick Jagger, and designer Anouska Hempel. These real estate investments can still qualify for Cheaper Florida Home Insurance as we all still want to save money whenever possible.

Knight Frank researched branded and non-branded property developments in 17 global cities and found that real estate developments linked to well-known designers or labels were around a third more valuable than similar projects in the vicinity.

Real Estate Projects in Jakarta, Puerto Rico and Dubai

This recent report found, that branded real estate projects had an average 34 percent value above their non-branded counterparts, although the amount of increase ranged from 5.7 percent in Jakarta, over 43 percent in Puerto Rico to as high as 120 percent in locations such as Dubai.

Bailey and Knight Frank Real Estate Reports

Bailey and Knight Frank recognized four key factors why branded real estate developments are doing better, citing innovation in the property market, high clientele services, design and “the trust associated with buying into a known brand.”

Miami Condos High-rise Projects with Designer Brand Names?

What will we see next especially in Miami, an Apple Condo Luxury development, Calvin Klein hotels or maybe a South Beach Condo Project with the Samsung brand on it?


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